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A few years back, to the dismay of my art agent and publisher, I decided to put aside my oil paints, canvas and brushes and go back to a more leisurely interest . . . writing. OUCH !!!!

What a crude awakening! Creating a manuscript was far removed from earlier writing so easily received for publication in daily newspapers in Australia.

During my forty years of creating paintings, I had the morbid displeasure of rubbing shoulders with so called Art critics. Many would comment they “got to know me” through my paintings - that they could tell when I was “depressed,” and God forbid they saw too many bright colors – indicating my life was a bowl of roses. Be that as it may, I was left with a feeling of inadequacy, as though I could say so much more.  Well, to a point, the truth is, YES.  They did get to know me just a little. Their analysis of my paintings allowed me to maintain a smidgeon of anonymity. It’s amusing it is, anonymously eavesdropping on critics at an exhibition of one’s work.

They analyzed, scrutinized, theorized, and if the artist, God help the poor bastard, isn’t to their liking, jeopardized. More often than not, they attributed the completed work to the painter’s mood, his personal life, even financial stresses existing in my life at that particular time.

It left me determined to put my thoughts into a new, more challenging medium. One that couldn’t be interpreted a dozen different ways by ‘wanna- be artist’s,” while guzzling down complimentary champagnes as they’d stand back and cast aspersions on one of my ‘babies.’ My goodbye exhibition in Port Macquarie, Australia, was a sellout show, not a bad swansong. It was like – TAKE THAT! (and have a nice life!).

I needed a new mountain, a tougher challenge so, so I went back to writing.  So, here I am, living the dream. Hawaii!

To date I have written five novels. Portal, Fiddler, Vatican FileSS, The Lucifer Sanction and A Passage To Burma. I’ve also written 'Mindpower' (a psychological golf instructional handbook).

My works are heavily researched and in the most part, steeped in history. I introduce a fictional story line to provide flow to the factual background of each adventure. I've found this to be great ways to have readers think about what the heck is going on in this insane world. It hands me the reigns. I can steer the reader’s mind through a labyrinth of world events, a much wider freeway than the narrow alley of an artist’s canvas.

Meanwhile I relocated to Hawaii and met some wonderful people who inspired me to resume painting. So now I wear two hats. My works since arriving in Hawaii are exclusively displayed at Pacific Fine Arts, the #1 gallery in Hawaii, and to whom I owe incalculable thanks for throwing me a rope and pulling me out from between the pages. My latest work at the time of writing this, is A PASSAGE TO BURMA. It has received two 5 star reviews from PROFESSIONAL and very serious book critics, and for that I’m humbly appreciative.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you'll travel along with me and Drew Blake through A PASSAGE TO BURMA as well as previous and future adventures. I promise it will always be a great ride.


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