Black Sabbath

Fourth Novel in the Drew Blake Series.

Black Sabbath has been reviewed by Alice D. for
5/5 star rating - A fast moving, ever-changing tale of international intrigue, July 7, 2011.


Beijing is developing satellites that will change Earth's weather dangerously, bringing earthquakes and tsunamis. An American agent named Paul Slade is in China to substitute a flash drive, Black Sabbath, in place of the one guiding these satellites. But Slade is in trouble and needs help getting out of China. Interpol Special Agents Drew Blake, Carson Dallas, Patrice Bellinger and Gard Hunter, along with Taiwanese agents Wang and Sung, are sent to his rescue, and the deceptions begin. Agents become double agents, are killed and not killed in this complex, fast moving, ever-changing tale of international intrigue where enemies are enemies, then friends, and finally once again enemies.

This is a brilliant work of fiction, well-researched and well-written. Character development is first rate. There are plots within plots, and the story evolves with many plot and character twists. Bad guys become good guys as Drew, Dal, and their fellow agents work to get Paul Slade out of China and the Black Sabbath flash drive into place, hidden as it is in the base of a substitute gold statue.

The dialogue of the story's many characters is exceptionally good, true to life, and along with plot development, will draw even the casual reader into this engaging story of the complexity of foreign relations. The agents and counter agents play well against each other as they swear, burp, make love, play golf, fight, take dangerous plane rides, and make their way to story's end.

After Black Sabbath ends, readers will want to read Jason Denaro's former stories about Drew Blake and his companions in high places. This is a book that should be on library and bookstore bookshelves everywhere.

SIZE: 620 Pages
RELEASE DATE: Now available
Collectors Paperback Edition: $22.50
ISBN:  978-1-935105-75-6
Also available as a Kindle Ebook (visit

China, 2008. A nation ahead of all others in satellite technology. Beijing parades its super power status, flaunting it on the world stage. China’s Xichang base implements a super satellite program known as Black Sabbath, enabling Beijing to manipulate global weather patterns, giving China the power to create towering tsunamis, massive earthquakes, and unheard of temperatures variations. With this awesome power, Beijing ascends to the throne.

       An Historical Political Thriller that tells the story of a Chinese military operation seeking control of the planet's weather, and the team of U.S. elite agents assigned to the heart of China to acquire a computer flash drive pivotal to stopping Beijing’s plan from reaching fruition.

     “In BLACK SABBATH, Jason Denaro blends a story of betrayal, death defying battles and a fast paced deception against the complexity of American foreign policy and the tenuous balance of peace with foreign powers such as the Chinese and Taiwanese, whilst also touching on the war in Iraq.  Most successful are Denaro's characterizations of the Bush administration, which he does with a subversive wit and intelligence that is both sympathetic to the Republican cause whilst being damming at the same time.
This writer’s ability to create mercenaries that can casually 'kill Commies' and yet reveal an empathy for the plight of the Chinese and Burmese people gives a depth to BLACK SABBATH that is unexpected but certainly welcome.

BLACK SABBATH is relevant to the Bush era political climate and capitalizes well on the idea that by engaging in war, America has overstretched itself and left itself vulnerable. The charming and at times almost satirical plot of BLACK SABBATH convinces in both tension and situation. Impeccably researched conspiracy theories seamlessly blended into a compelling plot.”  --------     U.K. Book Review


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