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Fiddler ...  dare you play his music.


"FIDDLER is a spine chilling read that travels along at warp speed, taking the reader on a police chase through Europe, into the monastery of Montecassino, and culminating in a surprise anti-climax in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Brilliantly written with masterly character development.  Denaro leaves the reader wanting more."

                                 R. Gene Heinrich -  Editor   -  www.WritingRaw.com
Is The Boy Next Door A Killer? The portrayal of a serial killer is often seen as an "unusual freak" that looks and sounds visibly different to the "norm." Not so, Andy Fillard, a musical prodigy who plays a violin, and eventually becomes a sought after teacher. Events cause him to turn his back on his musical talent. He keeps his hand in with the instrument he loves, creates the finest silent killing weapon - the garrote - a violin string stretched between wooden handles, The FIDDLER is an ordinary insignificant man, the kind that blends into any background, melts into any crowd. Those who pass him in the street never look at him twice. For a short time he is a happily married. When that fails, he becomes a stalker, a hunter of attractive blonds - but not just women - Andy Fillard has his boys.


Fiddler is available as a paperback on Amazon.com (click here).


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