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The Lucifer Sanction

“Excellent! I was intrigued throughout the book and found myself wanting to keep reading on to see how it ended!   It certainly all came together in the ending!”  -  Stephen P. Martino.


“GENIUS!  The format is nothing like anything I've ever read. Totally BRILLIANT!!!  Pulitzer !!! I love every sentence.”
- Steve Fanter (FBI Ret.).


“The United Nations predicts the world population will exceed nine billion people in the year 2075. The overpopulation process is accelerating at an unsustainable rate.  Discounting natural disasters we will outgrow this planet in very short time. There will be insufficient food and too few resources if the population explosion is left unabated.

We have established conclusively that mankind’s numbers must be forced into decline in order to maintain parity with productivity.  There have been more people added to our planet in the past fifty years than since the dawn of creation. We cannot allow this growth rate to continue. We must implement the Lucifer sanction. We must cull the population.”

During the 14th Century, the percentile reduction in the world's population due to the bubonic plague was around two hundred million people.  Long ago scientists decoded the genome of the Black Death bacterium.  Today's burgeoning population will result in too many mouths to feed by 2020.  We quite simply cannot supply sufficient food for the 200,000 humans added to the planet daily.  2015 projections show an increase of five hundred thousand people each day, a world devoid of food supply and a human race driven to cannibalism for its survival.  


The Lucifer Sanction - eBook available at Amazon (click here).

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