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“It is common belief that the theory of relativity disallows us the possibility of traveling through time.  Well – maybe.  However by use of the Einstein-Rosen bridges, better known as wormholes or portals, traveling through time is now considered by many as a possibility. The connection of two distant points in space provide us with a theoretical shortcut, like drilling a tunnel through a mountain, shortening the time and distance needed to get to the other side. A quantum vacuum known as Casimir energy has been studied in a Pasadena institute and has been found to possess an anti-gravitational quality, thus making the separation of two portals a possibility.  Step through one doorway (or PORTAL) and emerge through another.

In Jason Denaro’s latest Drew Blake adventure, the villainous Travis Craven eludes his pursuers by speeding his Porsche through coordinates of a PORTAL and emerging in a parallel world. It’s only a matter of time before the narrow portal connecting our world to his becomes the subject of interest for Drew Blake and his cohorts.

Travis Craven passes through a parallel universe and arrives in present-day Paris, France. He carries a deadly consignment of near perfect man-made diamonds. Each stone contains an undetectable incendiary device. Exposed to earth’s atmosphere triggers a countdown with each stone, much to the chagrin of those who admire their newly acquired gem. Blake pursues Craven, only to find himself in a strange, white world. His task is further burdened by the bumbling, and at times humorous French inspector, Claude Chevalier, who, concerned for Blake’s safety and unaware of what lay ahead, follows the Interpol Special Agent into . . . the PORTAL.


In writing PORTAL, Jason Denaro has skillfully developed his characters and has also succeeded in creating an anti-hero of the villainous Travis Craven, so much so that it leaves the reader pulling for Craven’s survival. PORTAL has it all, suspense, humor, action and adventure. While moving in several directions, Denaro once again succeeds in keeping the reader locked between the covers.  ---   Suite 101 U.K.  Book Review. 


"Fascinating reading. PORTAL may be science fiction, but who knows, it could prove to be a possibility down the road. As with his previous novels, Denaro paints a clear picture in the reader's mind; his characters are lovable to the end, including his villain, a trait this writer has mastered in his three previous Drew Blake manuscripts. Once again, not a book you can put down for too long."  ---   Reader’s Choice:  “5 star reading.”

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