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Shades of gray

“Shades” is a spellbinding read from beginning to end, one that will satisfy a broad spectrum of readers, from historical to science fiction to adventure to thriller -  “Shades of Gray” delivers.                 --- Stephen S. Martino

Jason Denaro propels the reader
into the historic 1356 Battle of Poitiers in which King John of France struggles against the superior forces of England’s Prince Edward, the Black Prince.

“Shades of Gray” delivers the fury and splendor of medieval times, of knights on chargers, of bitter rivalries, of vividly described blood chilling battles and ruthless plunder.
  It is a no holds barred superbly researched work based on correct time frames and events, yet delivered with a sci-fi touch. The horrific factual accounting of the pandemic known as the Black Death, sets the stage for this epic adventure.

Just as the reader believes Shades of Gray to be a work of fiction - the modern world is confronted with a new pandemic.
 And another story line initially based on fiction - becomes fact.

As with Fiddler, Vatican FileSS, and Black Sabbath, Jason Denaro hits a home run and beats history to the punch.





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