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Vatican FileSS

As World War two drew to an end, there were in excess of seven hundred million ounces of gold in Fort Knox. This represented seventy-five percent of the world’s gold inventory. Today there is no record of the amount of gold in the National Depository. A physical annual audit is federal law, but to the present day the treasury refuses to conduct one.  In fact, an audit has not been conducted since 1953 – not since ordered by President Eisenhower. Vatican FileSS addresses the question - where is the missing bullion from Fort Knox? Common belief is that by the end of 1971, President Johnson consented to the Fort Knox gold being secretly removed and drained to London, supposedly to finance the war in Vietnam.

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan appointed a group of men known as the Gold Commission. Their task - to report to Congress on the gold reserve. The following is their final report to Congress.

“The U.S. treasury possesses no gold. The Federal Reserve now owns all of the gold that was left in Fort Knox, holding it against the national debt. This money has been stolen from the American citizens and placed into the hands of a small group of private investors in the Federal Reserve, the money changers.”

A subsequent visit by world media was merely a staged event for the cameras. The strong belief is that the rear stacks within the vaults were nothing more than plated silver bullion.

“Vatican File
SS takes the reader on a thought provoking journey that explores the origin of Nazi and Ustasha gold hoards. It exposes the ruthless killings by Ustasha Catholic priests in their routing of gold to Rome’s Vatican and Swiss Banks. The search for Mussolini’s dumped gold is accurately documented in this deeply researched work. Exciting and revealing – Vatican FileSS is a hard to put down novel. Find a comfortable seat, and buckle up.”

Vatican FileSS
(2008 - Historical/Political/ Adventure)
Pages: 388 pages

Price: $15.50
Also available via eBook format at Amazon (click here).

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